Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Frank Jasper Wikipedia Article

So "somebody" I know is a big fan of the movie "Vision Quest". If you're not, too, then you're a homo.

Or maybe you're that guy in the hotel room who tried to grab Louden's wang. Tai Chi Wikipedia editor faggot motherfucker...

Anyway, so "somebody" I know helped write an article on Wikipedia about Frank Jasper, the guy who played Brian Shute in the movie.

Not much is known about him. He kind of dropped off the face of the earth after that and a couple of other small film roles.

But my friend was persistent. And smart. And lucky. And he managed to find out whatever happened to Frank Jasper.

So he posted an article on Wikipedia about him. And it was up for about a month, before a bunch of faggoty busybodies with nothing better to do and who get off masturbating over the silly-assed Wikipedia rules of behavior and writing they've invented to make the world a happy, shiny place, decided to have the article deleted.

One of them suggested to my friend that if he was such a big fan of Frank Jasper, that he create a fan page for him. My friend told him through me to go fuck himself and his faggoty faggot-assed fan page.

Fuck you, jerkoff. Here's your fan page. The one where I talk about how fucking awsome Frank Jasper was as Brian Shute and at the same time call you Wikipedia bitches out for the faggoty-assed faggot titty sucking bitches that you are - hiding behind your silly fucking rules and your lame-assed crypto-Trotskyite attempts to make people conform their behavior to what you want.

Go get fucked, asshat. Have I said that enough to make myself sufficiently clear?

Here's the article. Sorry about the cursing:


Frank Jasper is a former American actor best known for portraying Brian Shute, the hulking nemesis of Louden Swain in the 1985 wrestling movie, Vision Quest.

In the film, Louden Swain (played by Matthew Modine), is a wrestler who decides to do something of lasting significance with his life the week after he turns eighteen. Swain decides to drop weight from 190 lbs. to 168 lbs. to challenge Brian Shute, a menacing three time state champion from nearby rival Hoover High School, who has never been defeated in his high school career. At the end of the movie, Swain, who has a nose bleed and is in danger of being disqualified, improbably performs a suplex on Shute in the final seconds of the match and pins him.

The movie was based on a 1979 novel of the same name by Terry Davis. In the book, the name of Louden's nemesis was Gary Shute. The books ends when their match begins.

Film Roles

Jasper also appeared in the movies "Freeway Maniac" (1989) and the TV movie "Blindsided" (1993).

Jasper's last film role was in the music video for "Right Now" by Van Halen. Jasper appears as a homeless person holding up a sign that reads, "I will wrestle you for food."

Holistic Medicine

In college, Jasper studied Chinese medicine and accupuncture. After earning his M.D., Jasper and his wife, Sandra, began operation of Osani Holistic Health Care, a holistic medicine clinic in Pacific Palisades, California.


Jasper earned his black belt in Aikido several years ago after his father, himself a black belt judoka and accomplished competitor, first exposed Frank to martial arts. Jasper is also known to enjoy golf.


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Fuck you, you fucking elitist losers.

Fuck you and your stupid rules.

An article on Frank Jasper, the fucking legend who played Brian Shute in "Vision Quest", is totally worthy of an article.

You all can fucking go eat my dick, you bunch of pansy-assed acne faced motherfuckers.

Frank Jasper will have at least something on the Internet dedicated to him.

I for one will make sure of that, you twinkle-toed cocksucker motherfuckers.

Fuck you.

More later.